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We are committed to providing quality instruction in a safe and fun atmosphere. Our ratio of 4 students to 1 instructor for each class (Water Babies is 6:1) allows for personal attention and quality time in the water. Classes are 30 minutes long and each session runs for six weeks.


  • April 17
  • June 5
  • October 2



Group Lessons: $76 for non-members $54 for members


Water Babies – Parent Child Aquatics  (6 months - 3 years)

Based on the American Red Cross Parent Aquatics, this class presents a set of basic skills for younger children helping them to become comfortable in the water and preparing them for learning how to swim. six months to 3 years old with parent.

  • Saturday (11:00am)

Tadpoles (Level One) (Ages 3 - 5)
An entry-level program designed to introduce children to the water in a fun and safe environment. Skills taught: going under, jumping from the wall, push and glide, back float and kicking.

  •  Thursday (6:00pm) Saturday (11:30am)

Goldfish (Level Two) (Ages 3 - 5)
This class helps build on the fundamentals learned in Tadpoles. Skills taught: push and glide, front and back float, front and back kicks and arm movements.

  •  Thursday (6:30 pm)

Minnow (Level One) (Ages 6 - 10)
Entry-level class for older children with little or no water experience. Skills taught: head under, jumping from the wall, push and glide, back float and kicking unaided, introduction and arm strokes.

  • Saturday (12:00pm)

Swordfish (Level Two) (Ages 6 – 10)
Children build on the fundamentals taught in the Tadpole and Minnow classes. At this level children learn to perform basic arm strokes and kicks working on correct body position. Skills taught: Front stroke with proper breathing, backstroke, back kick, push and glide.

  • Tuesday (6:00 pm)

Dolphins (Level Three) (Ages 6 – 10)
This class focuses on building stamina, breathing skills, stroke and endurance development. Skills taught: freestyle with proper breathing, backstroke, breaststroke and breaststroke kick, and butterfly.

  • Thursday (7:00 pm)

Private Lessons

30-minute lessons available year round for adults and children.


1 lesson: $20 for members $24 for nonmembers

4 lessons: $72 for members $88 for non-members

8 lessons: $128 for members $160 for non-members

Buddy Lessons: add $8 per class


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